Owner/Builder Testimonial

Hi Dominic,

I found the estimate an effective way of evaluating and negotiating quotes by builders - it put us on a more even level and saved them some work.  Handy when one has little background in construction.

I am now moving away from quotes and hope to now do a cost plus arrangement to see the costs directly.  The estimate will make sure we both have a clearer view of the likely costs to come - and a clear basis on which to discuss differences.

Murray Haseler 

Builders Testimonial

We found the estimate to be accurate and thorough and take the guess work out of estimating.

On a personal level we have found Dominic to be very friendly, honest and wouldn't hesitate in recommending Dominic (HomeEstimator) to anyone requiring  His  services!

Good luck and we shall speak soon no doubt!

Craig and Joanne Mettes
Rivoli Design & Constructions

Designer/Developer Testimonial


Thanks for your efforts Dominic – very much appreciated.

I was under some time pressure to provide a building costing for a grant application.

You assisted greatly by way of a very prompt response and a detailed costing. This also helped us think through the design.

I enclosed your workings in our submission – because  it showed it had been done professionally with high level of detail.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Jeff Neil
Myrrhee, VIC