Owner Builders

 Professional Advise   Saves Money



Financiers love a 'Budget Cost Estimate'prepared by an   Estimator



Is this Your dream Home?

Let us help you achieve it by preparing a 'Budget Cost Estimate'

owner builder.... Be   prepared with a 'Budget Cost Estimate' which will give you a material and labor rates.

Prepared by HomeEstimator

 This will   enable you to negotiate with sub contractors, material suppliers and   financiers with confidence (they will know that you are well prepared and in   control of the project)


A building estimate is surprisingly cost effective. In many cases, people save thousands of dollars in the long term. All whilst reducing the stress often associated with Owner Building.

The advantages of having an estimate prepared by HomeEstimating include:

    • A materials price breakdown .
    • All labour costs are provided.
    • Preliminaries and insurances are itemised.
    • Exceptional  contacts.
    • Reliable suppliers are included in the estimate.
    • We supply the complete cost of the project, allowing you to modify the plans and specifications to suit your budget.
    • You can obtain a feasibility costing which helps you determine whether or not you are able to move on to the next stage.
    •  We save you time and money by procuring subcontractors & Materials prices .
    • Peace of mind knowing material and labour items have been professionally compiled, with no missed items.